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  • About WePlay

    3rd-4th Nov, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

    WePlay gathers all the best game contents to offer an incredible Game Expo experience! In 2017, WePlay provided brought amazing PC, console, mobile , VR, Arcade, Tabletop games, and various Game related merchandise and artwork to more than 10,000 visitors in Shanghai. In addition to the fan experience, the CiGA developers Conference was also set along with the annual indieplay Awards ceremony, creating an industry event to celebrate the best of gaming.

    WePlay is the first ever fan oriented game expo in China, attracting overseas game developers to bring their games directly to their fans. Indie, Studio, and Triple A titles all share the stage at this fan fest designed for Gamers. Special guests, Meet & Greets, and various on stage activities covering everything from Pop Culture, comics and anime make WePlay just as much a party as it is an expo.


    CiGA Developers Conference - 2nd Nov, 2018

    indiePlay 2018 - China indie Game Award Ceremony - 4th Nov night at WePlay

  • Special Guest in WePlay 2017

    WePlay invites Special guests to show up to do meet & greet with gamers

    Koji Igarashi

    《Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 》《Castlevania: Symphony of the Night》Producer

    Koji Igarashiis a Japanese video game producer, programmer, writer and creative director. Often credited as Iga, he began his career by joining Konami in 1990 as a programmer. Over the next ten years, he moved into a senior role within company, working on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as a programmer, writer, and assistant director. He later served as the lead producer on the Castlevania series, starting with Castlevania Chronicles in 1999 and ending with Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in 2011. During his time with Konami, he was also involved in other titles, such as Nano Breaker and Tokimeki Memorial. In 2014, Igarashi left Konami to later become the co-founder of Artplay, where he is working on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night.

    Akira Yamaoka

    Producer of 《Silent Hill》Game and Movie

    Akira Yamaoka is a Japanese video game composer, sound designer, guitarist, and producer, best known for composing various games in the Silent Hill series by Konami. He also once worked as a producer on the series, as well as serving as a composer and producer of the Silent Hill film and its sequel.Currently, he is the sound director at Grasshopper Manufacture.


    Taro Yoko

    《DRAKENGARD》《NieR: Automata》《SINoALICE》Director

    Taro Yoko is a Japanese video game director and scenario writer. Starting his career at the now-defunct game company Cavia, he became known for his work on the action role-playing video game series Drakengard and its two spin-offs: Nier and its sequel, Nier: Automata. Yoko was born in Nagoya, Aichi, and studied at the Kobe Design University in the 1990s. While initially not intending to pursue a career in video games, after working at Namco and Sony, he joined Cavia and became the director and scenario writer for the first Drakengard game. He has since worked extensively on every game in the series (except Drakengard 2), as well as on mobile titles after becoming a freelancer after Cavia's absorption into AQ Interactive.

    Mathieu Cote

    Game Director for《Dead by Daylight》

    Been making video games for over a decade. Started at EA Montreal as part of the concept team to create new IPs. Found the right home at Behaviour more than 5 years ago. Worked on games ranging from Mobile to hardcore competitive on almost every platform possible, including Spore Hero, Naughty Bear Panic in paradise, Wipeout 3 and of course Dead by Daylight. Helping great teams make amazing games, all day.


    Shun Nakamura

    《Sonic Forces》Producer

    ·《Sonic R》:Game Planner (Sega Saturn)

    ·《Sonic Adventure》 :Game Planner (Dreamcast)

    ·《Samba de Amigo》 :Director (Dreamcast & Arcade)

    ·《Giant Egg)》 :Director (Game cube)

    ·《Sonic the Hedgehog》(2006):Director (PS3 & Xbox 360)

    ·《Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games》:Planning Supervisor(Wii/DS)

    ·《Mario And Sonic at Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games》:Lead Planner (Wii)

    ·《Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure》 :Producer & Director (3DS)

    ·《Sonic Forces》:Producer (PS4/Xbox1/NS)


    Shoucan Alliance

    Popular Streamer Alliance

    They are the most famous streamers for single play games, coming from different cities of China, they are quite active on all top streaming platforms including Douyu, PandaTV, Zhanqi, etc. They have different styles in streaming but with the same belif - Same game, various play.

    The members including:

    Chinese Boy






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