27th Oct,2017
Ballroom, 2nd floor, Shanghai Ever Brite Hotel

CiGA Developers Conference

CiGA Developers Conference × Weplay ×Global game jam × CIGA indieplay

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Welcome to CiGA Game developers conference, we will invite top game developers from worldwide to join the conference, the presentations and panels will be covering game development, operation, marketing, etc. For better conference experience, we will set a price for the tickets and tickets will be limited open for sale, every individual will be limited to purchase up to 2 tickets. Besides, we will also review the attendee information and the organizer will reserve the rights to refuse any impolitic purchasing behavior.

PS:If you had joined the indiePlay Contest 2017 and get nominated, your team will receive limited free conference tickets.

Conference pass: ¥800 (Limited)

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Media Registration

Welcome to CiGA Developers Conference! For better experience, please follow our rules in media application, we hope you could provide more reports on good games you see on site after your get the media badge, and we hope you could enjoy you time here. Every Media will be limited to get up 2 media pass for the conference. For any questions or specific requirements on media side please contact us at .

Please send an email with all following information to for application.
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